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Futera is a 28 years established Trading Card Publisher (est. 1989). The Futera brand is synonymous with quality collector cards and is regarded as the one of the world’s finest brands of quality limited edition collectible trading cards.  Futera branded cards generally command the highest football (soccer) card values worldwide. Innovative and passionate about their card collections and service to collectors, Futera has pioneered ‘world firsts’ for the Trading Card industry throughout its history including the following.

FUTERA ‘WORLD FIRSTS’ for the Trading Card Industry include:

* The ‘1 of 1’ Trading Card - only one of each card exists worldwide; 
* Unique numbering on Cards and Display Boxes; 
* ‘Code for Collectors’ - an on-card code providing information about a card’s features and rarity. 
* The ‘Colour Grading Chart’ where collectors can check and compare the rarity of their Memorabilia/Game Jersey cards. 
* Futera have created a new dimension and a ‘world 1st’ for original football cards from 100 years ago where cards of great stars from a bygone era can be enjoyed in an interactive environment.


Futera has produced Trading Card Collections on a wide variety of sports and non-sports titles including Collections for 12 English Premier League Football and Championship Clubs including Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City, Celtic, Aston Villa, West Ham United and more; the Australian Cricket Board; Formula 1; the Australian Basketball Association; Australian Rugby Union; Australian Baseball League and other sports during the 90s/2000s, together with TV and Film Licences including Mattel 'BARBIE', BBC, Universal Studios/ Aardman/ Pathe. Futera’s passion for its Collections leads it to explore and push boundaries with specialist processes, hand-crafting techniques and interesting materials. Futera cards have been created in porcelain, velvet, silver, gold, platinum, crystal, diamonds, and other precious stones.

Below are some of the Sport and Non-Sport Licences held by Futera during its 28 year history:

SPORTS 1989 to date

UK Premier League and Championship Football/Soccer Clubs Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City, Celtic, Aston Villa, Newcastle, Leeds, West Ham, Derby County, Middlesbrough  
Formula 1 Motor Racing 
World Cup Cricket
Australian Rugby Football Union 
Australian Cricket Board (ACB/ Cricket Australia) 
Australian NSL Soccer
Australian National Basketball League (NBL) 
Australian Baseball Association 
Horse racing Association 
New Zealand Cricket Board (artwork & design providers for Licensee) 
New Zealand Rugby Football Union 
New Zealand Rugby League
World Surfing Federation 
Scandinavian Handball Association
Tour de France 
TV /FILM /ENTERTAINMENT/ CHARACTER 1999 TO DATE including Mattel, Universal Studios/ Pathe/ Aardman/ BBC.