2007 Topps Star Wars 30th anniversary box

2007 Topps Star Wars 30th anniversary box

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2017 marks 40th anniversary! RARE FIND!

2007 Topps Star Wars 30th Anniversary HOBBY BOX

24 packs per box. 7 cards per pack.



Join Topps For This Once-In-A-Lifetime Historic Event

It's been 30 years since Star Wars first captured the imagination of movie audiences around the world. Since the 1977 release of the first film, it has grown to become one of the most enduring pop culture icons of all time -- and a merchandising powerhouse without parallel. Topps has been there from the beginning and is proud to continue its long history with Star Wars by introducing this commemorative, premium-quality trading card set.

Star Wars 30th Anniversary Trading Cards takes a whole new comprehensive look at the Star Wars phenomenon. Multiple subsets explore not only the films, but the Special Editions, deleted scenes, TV specials, fans films, and a history of Star Wars special effects. Special inserts include die-cut puzzle cards plus these Hobby-only exclusives:
" Authentic Autographs from Episode IV stars Carrie Fisher, Anthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew and more!
" Hand-Drawn Sketch Cards from Adam Hughes, David Dorman, Mark Brooks, and many more!
" Hobby Box-Loader! Original Vintage Topps Star Wars Cards- foil-stamped with the 30th Anniversary logo

Star Wars 30th Anniversary Trading Cards are just part of the year-long festivities in honor of this landmark occasion:
" Thousands of fans will gather in LA this Labor Day weekend to attend the Star Wars Celebration IV fan-fest.
" New Star Wars 30th Anniversary branded toys and merchandise from Hasbro, Lego and more!
" 15 Star Wars commemorative US postage stamps will be released in May. The USPS kicked off this exciting announcement by designing mailboxes around the country to look like R2-D2!
" Plus much more to be announced!

Star Wars continues to be the marquee merchandising franchise with top-selling toys, DVDs and a loyal fan base hungry for more. With new TV animation and a live-action series in the works, we can look forward to another 30 years of Star Wars success!


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