2004-05 Topps pristine HOBBY

2004-05 Topps pristine HOBBY

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$ 329.99
04-05 Topps pristine hobby

04-05 Topps Pristine HOBBY box

4-5 Relics and 1 Autograph per box on average. 

Very hard to find these days! 

These boxes have spectacular inserts and have exclusive autographs at the time of:

Dwyane Wade

Allen Iverson

Shaquille O'Neal

Key rookies include: Dwight Howard, Andre Iguodala, Al Jefferson, Devin Harris, Emeka Okafor, Kevin Martin, Josh Smith and many more

5 packs per box, each pack is 3 packs in 1, containing 8 cards in all. 

Pack 1 (the outermost pack) contains one (1) Uncirculated Topps Pristine Refractor, Refractor Relic, or Gold Autographed card in a protective outer case.

Pack 2 (the middle pack) contains one Relic card.

Pack 3 (the innermost pack) contains four Topps Pristine cards Plus two Topps Pristine Rookie cards for a total of six cards.



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