1996-97 Fleer Skybox Premium Hobby Series 1

1996-97 Fleer Skybox Premium Hobby Series 1

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$ 450.00

1996-97 Fleer Skybox Premium series 1 HOBBY box

24 packs with 12 cards per pack  

One of the RAREST and HARDEST basketball hobby boxes to find in the last 25 years 

This is mainly due to the quest for collectors to find the autographics set  

Insert sets:


Rubies (1 per box)

Close ups (1:24)

Larger than life (1:180) [HOBBY ONLY]

Rookie Prevue (1:54)

Triple threats (1:240) SPs (1:720)


The 95-card checklist includes an impressive assortment of players, including signed cards for notable stars like Kevin Garnett, Scottie Pippen, Grant Hill, Hakeem Olajuwon and rookie autographs for Steve Nash and Ray Allen.

The checklist was featured in a variety of products over the 1996-97 seasons, including Hoops, Skybox E-x2000, Skybox Premium, and Skybox Z-Force. The cards were available at the same odds in each product, falling 1:72 packs. However, specific cards were only available in certain products.

The cards were not numbered, so they are shown below in alphabetical order. Most players also have a "Blue Ink" parallel, where it was reported that the first 100 cards were signed with blue ink instead of black. However, a few players differ from this. Reportedly, Scottie Pippen and Hakeem Olajuwon only signed in blue ink, but Pippen cards have been seen in black ink. Also, Kevin Garnett is believed to have signed roughly two-thirds in blue ink and the rest in black.

Fakes are rampant for the bigger names in this product. While a key element to look for is the Skybox embossed logo, that is not necessarily a guarantee of authenticity. In addition to outright counterfeits, many unsigned cards, already stamped, are believed to have been back-doored when Skybox/Fleer went bankrupt. Because of this, when dealing with any of the bigger names, it is strongly recommended that collectors buy cards that have been professionally authenticated by a reputable grading service.

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