2015 ESP NRL Elite box

2015 ESP NRL Elite box

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$ 185.00
SOLD OUT from ESP! All boxes in circulation

2015 ESP NRL Elite factory sealed box which contains 24 packs and 9 cards per pack

SOLD OUT at a wholesale level from ESP

The MOJO (red parallel) packs are prooving to be a big hit.



  • 6,300 Boxes or 630 Cases, 10 boxes per case (the production run has not been increased from 2014 and 2013, the only difference is the product is now all in sealed boxes and not split across starters and albums)
  • A limited amount of Albums are available (2500 units)
  • There will be no starter packs or packets in albums this year, all the product has been consolidated into sealed boxes
  • Each case will come with 1 of 3 case cards (Elite Road to Immortality)
  • Limited amount  of stock into Newsagents this year to satisfy the single packet customer

Insert Series
Parallels - 144 Cards (1:2)
Parallels GOLD - 144 Cards (1:4)
Elite Pennants - 80 Cards  (1:6)
2014 Club Champions - 32 Cards (1:12 packs)
Young Guns - 32 Cards (1:24)
Young Guns Signatures - 16 Cards (130 per player) [Individually numbered and hologram]
Elite Quads  - 32 Cards (1:72 packs) [Individually numbered and hologram]
Road To Finals Jersey Card - 4 Cards (Redemptions) 150 per player (Individually numbered and hologram)
Road To Finals Jersey Card - Signature - 4 Cards (Redemptions) 50 per player (Individually numbered and hologram)
2015 All Stars - 9 Cards - 100 per player (Individually numbered and hologram)
Ltd Edition Parallel Sets aka MOJO packs - 144 Cards (Entire team set in one pack) 40 packs per team (Individually numbered and hologram)
Album Card – 1 Card Limited Edition to 2500
Case Cards (Elite Road to Immortality) – 3 Cards 1 per case


7th August 2015


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