1999 Topps WCW Nitro sealed case VERY RARE

1999 Topps WCW Nitro sealed case VERY RARE

Manufacturer :
$ 1800.00
VERY RARE! 7 HOFers & 8 deceased signers! 6 boxes per case

A factory sealed HOBBY case of 1999 Topps WWE/WCW Nitro wrestling trading cards


Case has 6 boxes with each box containing 36 packs with 8 cards per pack.


The case comes with a mini poster featurning the same image of Goldberg on the front of the box


Chromium cards 1:!2

Autographs 1:48


This is one of the rarest and greatest modern day trading card sets, and that is because of the autograph list


A.C. Jazz (Nitro Girls)

Bam Bam Bigelow - DECEASED

Billy Silverman

Bret Hart - HOF

Brian Adams (Crush) - DECEASED

Chae (Nitro Girls)

Charles Robinson

Chavo Guerrero JR

Curt Hennig - DECEASED



David Penzer

El Dandy



Hector Garza - DECEASED

Hugh Morrus

Jim Neidhart

Kenny Kaos

Kimberly (Nitro Girls)

La Parka

Larry Zbyszko

Lenny Lane

"Macho Man" Randy Savage – HOF - DECEASED

Ms. Elizabeth – HOF - DECEASED

Nick Patrick

Norman Smiley

Prince Iaukea

Rick Steiner

Scott Hall - HOF

Scott Norton

Silver King

Sonny Onoo


Storm (Nitro Girls – Sharmell)

Super Calo

Ultimo Dragon


Only the 37 autograph cards above were released into packs.


There are other autograph cards circulating the market, but are not certified authentic by the manufacturer.


Although the exact total of just how many authentic autograph cards there are that never were returned in time or at all is not known, the following cards can be confirmed to have been part of this release.



British Bulldog (Davey Boy Smith) - DECEASED
Bobby Duncum JR. - DECEASED
Booker T - HOF
Rey Mysterio JR.
Ric Flair - HOF


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